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Best Farewell & Saying Goodbye Quotes

Saying Goodbye / Farewell quotes…

Saying Goodbye quotes can make someone forget you instantly as soon as you part away….  or Keep you in their memories for every special moment in their life forever… “YOU JUST HAVE TO SAY IT THE RIGHT WAY” 🙂

Every relationship is special, some of them last for moments and some forever. Even in the lasting relationships, you must express every feeling with the right words at the right time. And for the short moment relations, I’ve seen them lasting forever in memories, when you part away with the words that are heart felt and can express what you feel for each other in the most natural way.

Depending on the type of relationship, some of the best, very well said and most shared “Saying Goodbye” or “Farewell Quotes”:

best saying goodbye quotes

You can also share your best goodbye quotes below in comments. The best ones will be published on our website.


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